My fingers feel you in circles

Looking for a way through the maze of darkness

Covering my mouth with excuses

And looking away from the piece of time

Let the tongue crawl on each others flushing skin 

Accept the sinfulness

Breathe in all emotions deep inside

Make me hot and take me into your passion

Cant go back, dont want to go back to the days of lies

My confused soul and body soar above

The world I saw over your shoulders is my everything

The more I fear losing radiance

The moment fills up with sensation

Feeling devotion as my body feels your sweat

Intoxicated in the words of love

Someday this may fall apart...

Someday this may break into pieces...

Even if my life has to end tomorrow...

I will hold on to this bitter love...

A night of tears and painful love is back to back with happiness

I am ready to face it

Mingling flame burns and then burns out

Dyeing the flowers white

Our crossed feelings mixed with desire and exhaustion

Even selfishness seems beautiful and lovable

Dont need to promise eternity

Just keep on showing me the dream of pleasure